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Growth of regional capitals as important as Yangon and Mandalay 

Regional capitals and secondary cities need to be connected to Yangon and Mandalay and play a part in Myanmar’s urbanisation in order to facilitate inclusive economic development, according to a report published by a UK-headquartered research centre.

Myanmar develops resilience to disasters with World Bank financing

The Myanmar Southeast Asia Disaster Risk Management Project (DRMP), led by the World Bank, will allocate US$116 million for financing initiatives to strengthen institutional capacity and minimise disaster risks, according to the press statement from the World Bank on June 15.

Yangon lacking resilience to face future disasters

A severe global climate forecast has Myanmar facing a potentially dire future: a dramatic five-degree temperature increase by the end of the century, earthquakes, flooding and mass in-migration to cities.

Off-grid solar to help Myanmar bring electricity to all by 2030

Four feet in length, of aggressive disposition, and deadly poisonous: you don’t want to stand on a Russell’s viper in the dark. Especially if there’s no antivenom for miles around. Yet that’s the daily predicament facing millions of villagers in Myanmar, where snakebites cause about 500 deaths every year.

Myanmar to draft national environmental policy: President U Htin Kyaw

Myanmar is encountering the consequences of climate change, deterioration of the ecosystem, deforestation, endangered species, pollution of the air, oceans, rivers, lakes and land and infectious diseases like other countries in the world, President U Htin Kyaw said in his speech at the Green Economy and Green Development Forum held at Myanmar International Convention Centre.

U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law, Myanmar Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation partner on EIA guidelines

SOUTH ROYALTON, Vt. (Nov. 29, 2016) — The U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law(PEL) at Vermont Law School recently received a grant to work directly with the Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) within the Myanmar Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC).

Myanmar: Ground Zero for China-India Energy Competition

Since the early 1990s, China’s remarkable economic growth has led to a dramatic increase in its domestic energy needs, prompting its state-owned national oil companies (NOCs) to embark upon a worldwide search for oil and gas reserves. This strategy has been successful in diversifying import sources and satisfying the demands of a growing economy, yet at the same time has increased dependence on politically-unstable suppliers in Africa and the Middle East.

Myanmar: Is yearly flooding the new normal?

A combination of factors ranging from climate change to deforestation are being blamed for an apparent increase in flooding, with hundreds of thousands displaced for a second consecutive year.

AIIB approves loan for Myingyan power project

THE CHINA-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has approved a US$20 million loan to develop a gas power plant project in central Myanmar.

Myanmar green energy sector faces hurdles

Myanmar’s goal of achieving a 100 percent electrification rate by 2030, with 20 percent of energy from renewable sources, is achievable but several hurdles need to be tackled first, energy experts say

Electrifying Myanmar’s power grids

By 2030, Myanmar is expected to consume around 80,000 gigawatt hours (Gwh) of electricity, more than six times its current consumption of approximately 13,000Gwh. This corresponds to a staggering growth of 14 percent year-on-year.

Limited capacity hinders Myanmar’s water management

River basin organisations should be established to support the activities of the National Water Resource Committee (NWRC), to enhance the country’s water management which has faced serious capacity limitations, said an official.

Myanmar: Environment policy draft to go online for public review

The National Environmental Policy is getting an upgrade from the version first enacted in 1940.