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Phnom Penh air quality levels disputed

In April,  Cambodia received its first air quality monitor, which detects ultra-fine airborne particles that contribute to dangerous forms of air pollution.

Trump’s policies could put Cambodia’s environment on chopping block

Though Southeast Asia doesn’t top the U.S. president’s agenda, his proposed foreign aid cuts and isolationism could have lasting negative impacts on Cambodia’s environment.

Lagos and the Floating Village of Cambodia

The huge lesson for the aquatic city of Lagos, which is below the sea level, is instead of pushing the sea even further out, we could embrace it by establishing several water-borne communities — where people may live, work, play and learn on floating structures.

Shifting Idylls: Urban-Rural Dynamics in Cambodia

A closer look at how the city and the countryside – and perceptions of them – are evolving.

Cambodia : Protesters Want Mekong Dams Stopped

About 20 environmental activists called on the government to stop all new dam projects on the Mekong River to protect fish stocks and communities slated to be affected by construction. The appeal was made by the group as they gathered in front of the parliament building in Phnom Penh yesterday morning, before marching to the Environment Ministry holding solar panels and a drawing representing biogas as they called for alternative, less destructive ways of generating electricity to be built instead.

Cambodia : EU provides satellite training for Forestry Administration

Members of the EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) have been meeting with forestry officials since Monday, teaching them how to analyse images captured by the EU’s Sentinel-2 satellite and use imaging software to detect signs of forest degradation

Cambodian banks commit to developing sustainable financing principles

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA – The Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) took a first major step towards sustainable lending practices this week by committing to develop sustainable finance principles and ultimately work towards integrating environmental and social safeguards and lending standards into their business decisions.

Stakeholders Confirm Need for Public Participation in EIA Processes During Cambodia’s National Public Consultation Workshop

Key stakeholders related to EIA in Cambodia provided feedback on Cambodia’s draft national guidelines on public participation in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process during the country’s first national public consultation workshop on 19 July 2016 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, organized by the Ministry of Environment with the Vishnu Law Group and funded by the Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE).